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Womxn of Color Banquet

The Womxn of Color Banquet is an annual tradition devoted to honoring, celebrating and inspiring individuals who identify as womxn of color at UC Merced. WOCB aims to cultivate supportive environments and strengthen networks among womxn of color. WOCB also serves to unify and create dialogue amongst students, staff, and faculty willing to learn from the collective pressures of race and ethnic relations that womxn of color each experience. Contributing to diversity on campus, the dinner provides an opportunity for the UCM community to share their voices in a supportive atmosphere. This powerful event focuses on the struggles, triumphs and experiences of womxn of color and their allies and celebrates the professional accomplishments and personal successes of womxn of color throughout our community. This event is part of Womxn’s History Month programming.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify ways to overcome challenges faced by womxn of color
  • Articulate benefits of role models on leadership development
  • Identify activities/values that fuels your strength and leadership

To RSVP to this year banquet, go to