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Outstanding Women's Awards

Do you know someone in your life who should be recognized?

UC Merced’s annual Outstanding Women’s Award was created to recognize those who identify as womxn at UC Merced who have enriched our campus community through their notable leadership, sustained dedication, outstanding service, and inspiring achievements that directly impact womxn. We accept nominations across campus and recognize all nominees with special recognition going to one faculty, staff, post doc, graduate and undergraduate student for going above and beyond in advancing and supporting womxn. The womxn who receive this recognition represent the great diversity and extraordinary accomplishments of today’s womxn. This year, the Outstanding Women’s Award will be celebrated during Womxn's Herstory Month at the Womxn’s Empowerment Conference.


Each year, in conjunction with National Women’s History Month, Women's Programs at the University of California, Merced presents the Outstanding Women's Awards. These awards honor the contributions and commitment of outstanding womxn on our campus and throughout the state of California whose work has benefited womxn. These awards are given to encourage womxn in their work and to let them know their contributions do not go unnoticed.

We need your help identifying possible recipients of the 2018 Outstanding Women's Awards. Please use the nomination format that follows. We encourage you to distribute this form to anyone interested in making nominations as we rely on people like you to identify possible recipients of the Outstanding Womxn's Award. You can submit nominations starting Jan 17th 2018.


The Outstanding Women's Awards honor womxn whose actions and accomplishments meet the following criteria.

  • Demonstrated commitment to equality and dedication to furthering the lives of womxn, especially those of UCM students
  • Engagement in work that has positively affected the lives of womxn
  • Served as a role model in the lives of UCM womxn
  • Exhibited active involvement in feminist causes and/or organizations (e.g., pay equity, violence against womxn, womxn’s health, etc.)
  • Participated in significant efforts to improve womxn’s well-being


Nominators must provide:

  • Name and email of Nominator
  • Name and email of the womxn being nominated
  • Campus affiliation of womxn being nominated, i.e. undergraduate student, graduate student, post doc, faculty, staff
  • Statement addressing each of the above Outstanding Women's Award Criteria

To submit a nomination, go to

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Angi Baxter, Coordinator for Women's Programs & LGBTQ+ Initiatives, at or Women's Programs at