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Womxn in the Wilderness

Womxn in the Wilderness Backpacking Trip aims to empower, educate, and celebrate young womxn and their connection with nature. Womxn in the Wilderness provides a supportive environment where all womxn can have fun, challenge themselves and develop strong connections in a community of womxn. We provide hands on experience that encourages womxn to push the boundaries of what it means to be a woman in the wilderness. We spend 2 days and nights exploring the meadows and streams in the High Sierras with a group of womxn.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Build confidence in abilities and leadership skills through wilderness-based experiential activities in an emotionally and physically safe environment
  2. Develop more comprehensive understanding of identity as a woman by challenging traditional gender stereotypes and roles, including ideas of beauty and the wilderness as a “masculine place”
  3. Inspire an appreciation of human differences by fostering positive relationships among participants and encouraging team work
  4. Develop a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth
  5. Understand personal connection and inspire ongoing positive interaction with the natural world

This annual program will take place from Oct 13th-15th at Hetch Hetcy Reservoir.

Program Requirements:

  • To participate on this trip, participants must
  • RSVP
  • Submit their deposit to confirm their reservation
  • Attend a pre-trip meeting on Oct 2nd 3-4:30pm in the Bobcat Lair and a
  • Attend the WIW Reunion on Nov 18th from 9-5pm

Who Can Participate:

Any student who identifies as a womxn can participate in this program.

What Women’s Programs Provides:

Women’s Programs will provide all the backpacking specific supplies for attending this trip. We will also provide the transportation and your meals once we are at the backpacking start location.

Space is limited so RSVP today!