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Womxn's Empowerment Conference

Womxn’s* Empowerment Conference (WEC) was developed to showcase opportunities to empower womxn to achieve their highest level of personal and professional growth. WEC is a transformative experience that brings womxn together to educate, inspire, empower, and honor womxn and their interesctionality as agents of positive social change through the various topics covered by our presenters. This conference is part of Womxn’s HERStory Month programming.

The vision of the Womxn’s Empowerment Conference is to create an environment that fully affirms and honors the lived experiences of womxn at UC Merced and worldwide.

   *We are utiulizing womxn to be more imclusive of the diversity within the category of womxn

This year, our theme is Embracing Intersectionality. It is our hope that participants are able to do the following as a result of attending the conference:

  1. Articulat the meaning of intersectionality
  2. Describe how intersectionailty can be centered thier work
  3. Identify opportunities to build and sustain self-confidence in opressive systems for womxn
  4. Identify steps to becoming empowered through leadership and lived experiences
  5. Articulate womxn's impact in the community

If your interested in attending the conference,

UCM students click here

Community members, UCM Faculty, Staff & Alumni click here